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November 5, 2012
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Just a Doll or More -RussiaxReader Part 3

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 5, 2012, 11:35 PM
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~3rd person POV~

As dinner went you were  glared at you food , not even hat hungry, and still quite angry at your parents. You still couldn't get Russia off of your mind. As soon as everyone started putting their dishes in the sink, you put your food in the fridge for later.

You dotted up stairs to get ready for bed. You got dressed in your room into a soft pair of (f/c) plaid pajama bottoms and a (f/c)  tank top with lace on the edges and straps.But you did not notice a pair of eyes open as you stepped in.
You turned to your bed to see the doll with eyes wide open, a soft smile, and a small blush.

~Russia's POV~

I saw her come in and I was happy. I would finally be able to hg her back.
She got dressed into her PJs like every other night.

"Hello,(y/n)." I said to her. She looked at me in surprise at the fact i could talk.I crawled out from under the covers, and sat on her bed, arms open wanting a hug.She stared for a few seconds more, unable to get words past her lips.
I understand.

~your POV ~

He said there. Waiting for me. He escaped from where he was hidden, and came back, not only that but he could talk....and move!
"Ivan..." that is all I said before I ran across the room, picked him up, and gave him a hug. For the first time he was able to hug back.
"I'm so happy you came back."I muttered with a tear in my eye.
"I am too. I have always wanted to to you for real , and help out when your sad."
I yawned and he looked at me and smiled.
"I think it is time for bed" he told me
"Ok" i said as i crawled under the covers with him in my arms.
~Russia POV ~
"Goodnight " I said as she dozed off, and i kissed her nose.I myself have become tired, so I snuggled her  face to my little body, and she held me like always.No longer then a few second I fell asleep with her.

-Le next day-

You woke up to the smell of coffee that your parents were making, so you decided to go get some. Ivan was still asleep so you let him be.
You quietly went down stairs, got a cup of a coffee, fixed it the way you like, and you just sat at the table and did the cross word puzzle book you keep lying around.
Your dad decided he wanted to get ready for the day so he went back up stairs. You forgot to close your door, and as he passed your room,he saw Ivan sleeping soundly on you bed.
"When...How?" he asked himself getting angrier by the second. He stomped back down as you were about to go back up, you smile and said "Good morning" cheerfully not really remember what you were mad. at him for yesterday since it was morning.

You fell to the ground holding you now red cheek that was beginning to form a lump and bruise.
"What makes you think you can just take back your stupid toy.How did you get your doll back anyway"
" I don't know. I just found him on my bed again"you mumbled through tears
He kick you in the stomach causing you to go to the wall.
"Liar. You know what, how about I get rid of him. once and for all" He went to your room and retrieved Russia, and came with a pair of scissors .You would have went after him , but you were too hurt to move so suddenly.
He held the doll in you face as your mother was witnessing the whole thing, as well as your brother at the top of the stairs. He took the scissor and cut all of Russia's limbs off. Russia not feeling that much pain since he was doll, and filled with cotton at the time. Finally he cut his stomach in half, leaving limbs on the floor , and a head, and a torso.
That was the last straw,and your brother, and mother knew what was going to happen next.
You pounced your father, taking the scissors from him. You punched him in the face until his nose was broken and bleeding. You kicked his arms hard, and you grabbed the nearest object near you which happen to be your steel toed boots. You slammed the toe on his ribs, and face. Please with your work, you gathered  up Russia and ran to your room crying.
Your brother just walked over you dad to the kitchen as your mom made breakfast. They didn't touch your father, or give him a second glance because they knew he deserved it. Russia was almost your only friend so they knew it was wrong to try and tear him apart.
In your room you took out your sewing set, and and a little stuffed heart you got from Build-a-Bear that you kept because everytime you went you took 2 extra hearts.
You put the heart in Russia, and sewed him back together. He got up and looked at you teary faced that had calmed down.
"It's ok. I'm not hurt.I thought you were very brae to go against your father like that just for me. Just a doll"
"Your more than just a doll. Your my only friend,and I love you too much to let you go"you said and hugged him. In your arms that same light filled the space around him, and when it faded he looked good as new, and no stitches. Not only this but now he was the size of a teddy bear, and easier to hug.

End for now.
Done with this chapter, Say tuned tomorrow, i will post more. GOOD NIGHT!!! -flops into bed-

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Ivan NUU! What possesed him to cut you up! DX he is better now so thats good I guess awesome chapter
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He's ok now :) atleast now he is like a teady bear.
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my life would be awesome!
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Killing him won't be neccessary . In the next chapter will probably be the last time you ever see him....maybe. but You will still here form mom and big brother.

thank you., and wouldn't everyone X3
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