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November 5, 2012
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Just a Doll or More? -RussiaxReader Part 1

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 5, 2012, 12:49 AM
Facebook l Official Blog l Twitter l Hot Naked Photos of Me XXX l Services l FAQ l Gallery Intro is here :D Part Two

"Good Morning Ivan!"  You said as happily as you could to your Russia Hetalia Doll.

If he could he would say "Good Morning my bright SunFlower"  and hug you
But sadly....He could only look and Think good morning to you.
He was greatful, and so happy  you did this every morning and you hugged hum, then set him down.

"i wonder what kind trouble we can get into today. I guess I could go to the store and buy some snack since (brothers  name) stole most of mine...I have to find a better hiding spot for my Nutella.." with that you put on your favorite black jacket from areopastale (cant spell) You loved this jacket since it was baggy, comfy, and yours. You got your wallet and house keys, and dotted out the bedroom door, down the stairs, and put your flip flips on before you exited the house , and you were off.

-Russia's POV-

'I wonder how long she will be gone?' I thought to myself....'oh well, i always wai anyway.'
30 mins later
All of a sudden (y/n)'s big brother came in her room lookin for her secret stash.
" I wonder where her Chicken in a Biskit crackers are. Dem tings are sooooooo gut" he walked in lookin around for you ever so delicious cracker snack(if you never had them, try the. THEY IS GOOD) Then he saw me....i saw a smirk that said nothing good. "Do you know where they are"he asked as he picked me up. "No?....Man I hate this things eyes. It looks like he is tryin' to by staring in meh soul , I think she could live without it" with that he took me after flipping the pillowe looking for the snacks. I am so enraged, I wish I could move....but...i am just but a doll.

-Your POV-

"finally I got my snacks" you said as you walked up the stairs. When I stepped into my room i could see my brother had been in there, he is terrible at cleaning after himself. "i guess he was lookin for food.."
Then I noticed Russia wasn't in his usual spot on my bed. OOHHHHH SHIT 'BOUT TO BE FLIPPED AND GET ILLEGAL UP IN HER' !(couldn't resist XD)


3rd person POV

You screamed your brother name in fury .
Your dad watching Tv, and mom doing dishes did't take mind, they always sided with your big brother anyways depending on how bad something he did.

You literally KICKED you brother door down off it's hinges. You were a little Bi-polar , or had anger issues , and you were a Jr.Black belt in Karate, and it comes in handy. Not to mention you have seen Higurashi, and how to make it look like an accident.
He just sat there eyes open, and mouth agap noticing how angry....scratch that , FURIOUS you were.
"What!?" he barked
"Give him back" you said barley above a whisper, but said full of venom .
"What 're you talkin' about" He said in a sarcastic tone.
"LIAR! You know damn well what i'm talking about." you said a little louder. "I'm gonna say it again. GIVE HIM BACK!!!!!" you yelled .
"Whatever" he walked to his drawer and took out Russia, and he gave him to you
"....Where is his right arm?" you asked angry with eyes about to cry
"Oops" he looked in the drawer and pulled out the arm"Here. Sorry , put him in the draw with my pocket knife and keys." He said truthfully sorry , knowing the consequences if it was on purpose.
"Why" mumbled.
"It was an accident, here let me patch h im up for you"he reached out
"NO! Don't touch him.I can do it myself" you walked away to your room to take outyour sewing set.

You began to sew the arm back on with beige thread so it matches his coat. you silently cried as you did so, When you were done you stopped crying, and smiled, proud of your work.
"I'm sorry I didn't protect you" you mumbled

"(y/n) GET DOWN HERE NOW!" you father yelled.
You knew why he was yelling. You just set Russia back on your bed and kissed his arm .
"Coming" you replied obeyfully.
As soon as you left a light began to surround Russia.

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animangamisfit Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012  Student General Artist
So cute!
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thank you :)
animangamisfit Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012  Student General Artist
It was so cool i cant wait to see 6
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thanks you I might tight it tomorrow. I'm super wiped out.
Yesterday slot car track, today little cousins b day, and i played name foot ball, tomorrow goin to IKEA . So I guess we'll see what happens
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wowwwwww ikeas fun though! ^-^
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luna-the-puppy Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ironicly I was hugging my Russia plush as I was reading! XDD awesome story ^^
seiyalove Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012  Student General Artist
X3 nice .
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