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November 9, 2012
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Just a Dol or More - RussiaxReader Part 5

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 9, 2012, 8:25 PM
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Today was a good day. You had escaped the hell hole you lived in with your father, you are finally able to live in a nice place, and you wouldn't have to worry that much.
As soon as you made it too your new house you, and your brother's mouths dropped. It was a nice house, not too big, not to small.
It had two stories, each bed room had a bathroom connected, you have a bathroom down stairs, twoo small guest rooms, a nicley sized living room, an amazing kitchen with enough room, a fire place,and the stairs were made of what looked like maple wood. To sum it all up, it was a comfy looking home. Good looking on the outside, and the inside look great too, AND IT'S NOT EVEN FURnISHED YET ! If the inside looked that great without the furniture, you could barely imagine what it would look like WITH furniture .
Your mom, brother, and you stepped in with you bags, and were incrediably thrilled with the house. You were suprised a house this nice was at such a good price.
"Alright kids go pick out a room, (y/n) I think you might like the one way at the end, it has a great windown view, a walk in closet, as do the rest of the rooms, the light is nice, and the bathroom has a (f/c) rimmed tub, and the shower head is really nice." You mom said to you both , and giving you teh ever so nice details of the room."Oh (brothers name) You might like the room just across the hall from that one, so go check it out" With that said you and your brother went up stairs with your bags to see your rooms.
As soon as you and he walked into your room you immediatly called dibs , since it matched the discription she told and it was just as roomy as your brothers. He checked his out and he loved it. your rooms were pretty much the same, but yours had a view of the woods, that had a lake you could see. You couldn't wait to go exploring.And if you turned your head you could see the fence the back yard you had. It was very spacious with room to run around,a dn play in, and a place to start a garden, in even had a pool to  left near the end of the fence.
As soon as the truck with your stuff came, everyone helped move everything into a nice spot where everyone could be comfortable in. You had gotten most of you stuff into your closet, and you found little compartments in the wall to keep your undies, and socks.
It just a bit past 3:00 pm. You have left your original home around 7:00. Your day has been very eventful, but you enjoyed it. You are now finally in a house that actually feels comfy to you.
"(y/n)" Russia said on you desk
"Yeah, what it is?"You replied
"I like it hear. It is very comfy, and it seems like a nice place"
"Yeah it does. I really like it. I'm glad i'm on winter break. It's probably gonna start snowing soon. The forcast was predicting some this week, and alot more after. I hoenstly enjoy the snow so , yaay~" You said in a silent cheer"
"I'm glad, I like winters here."
"Yeah, it's gonna be christmas soon...I wonder what I should get for my mom and brother." You said pondering
"You still have almost a month, so I wouldn't worry about it just yet" Russia said trying to ease you a bit.
"Yeah your right."
"Hey (y/n)!" you mother called from down staris.
"Yeah? What is it?"
"I'm gonna order pizza for dinner, since we don't really have food yet, tomorrow we're going shopping so you and your brother can pick out some stuff you like."
"Ok. Is it ok it we have a mushroom, and sausage pizza?" You asked
"OH YEAH THATS SOUNDS GOOD MOM GET THAT!" You brother joined in, the converstation
She just giggles"Alright what ever my babies want"
"We are not babies!" You and your brother said in unition.
"I swear both of you came from the same egg, but came out at different times"Your mother said jokingly , sicne she was just reminded how similar you two were.
"Hey..have you ever wonderd....why i grow?"Russia asked
"Actually, yes I have. I would always sew you back together, you got bigger, and more realistic."
Then suddenly I light appeared next to Russia, and what came from the light was little Britania Angel.
"England!? Your causing me to grow?" Russia asked in shock
"Of course it's me, since she cares for you so much, and she sews you back together with all her love, you grow, and look brand new. Soon maybe around Christmas you would be like a normal person aroun 6 feet, but you can turn into a doll and back whenever you want." Britania explained.
"Wow. that sounds amazing"You said
"Indead, but I don't think I should spoil the suprise to much. Well I should get going. Bye bye~" Britania Angel said and then in a flash, he was gone.

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